"KOLORIT-resins” Ltd. has been operating on the market since 2005 and has gained a reputation of a reliable supplier of chemical raw and other materials, component parts and equipment.

The main company profile is the supply of imported raw materials and other materials, different equipment (mainly, for the processing of plastics using the extrusion molding method and other equipment for chemical industry). However, we never refuse to establish an effective cooperation with Russian manufactures of raw materials as well.

The products that we offer are widely used as raw materials in chemical, petrochemical and paint industries, in the production of constructional materials and in other areas of application.

A well-developed and elaborated logistic scheme makes it possible for our partners to purchase high quality raw materials that are custom cleared and at the most favorable prices. Furthermore, a multibranch warehouse network and optimum stock reserve guarantee minimum delivery terms.

Since 2006 due to the increasing role of these materials in the production of different products the delivery of protective films for temporary surface protection of different materials has been allocated into a separate commercial project.

An intensive and constant study of the market of chemical raw and other materials makes it possible for us to offer our partners the products at a good price and of good quality.

Our commercial offers are not limited by a set of standard grades of raw materials. A close contact with our manufactures allows us to make an individual selection of materials according to the requirements of each consumer that makes us favorably different from other distributors.

The specialists of our company are ready to arrive to you, make a material selection and carry out a test of raw and other materials. However, you will not incur any expenses.

Strict fulfillment of our obligations, a flexible pricing system, delivery and payment terms create a basis for long-term, comfortable and mutually beneficial cooperation with our company.

Our competitive advantages:

The quality of raw and other materials offered by our company fully conform to the best world standards.

An individual selection of materials according to the specific production requirements.

A wide range of raw materials that meets the requirements of the majority of our customers.

Technical support service.

Minimum terms of delivery.

Delivery to your warehouse.

The required stock reserve at our warehouses.

A flexible system of pricing and payment.

Our mission:

We are a reliable and progressive company that establishes relationship with partners on a long-term basis of mutual benefit.

The goal of our company:

Make a worthful contribution into the development of the industrial sector of Russia using the company’s potential to the full extent.

Our motto:

You can feel safe with us!  

+7 (831) 415-09-70
606031 Dzerzhinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region,
Tsiolkovskiy avenue, 71, office 6